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Coming soon Spring 2022 Quilt Retreat March 1, 2022 through March 5, 2022.


Deb is an artist, wife, mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother. She lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Where she takes a lot of her inspiration from. Deb's secret passion has always been to own own fabric store. Deb loves to create clay sculptures, carve wood, but most of all design and create quilts! "Sharing my passion with others is the highlight of my day," Deb says. You can always find her in the quilt shop working on something and waiting for someone to come in to visit.

Come and visit us at the best little quilt shop in Utah soon. Send us a message. It doesn’t have to be about purchasing fabric. Just a message to say Hi or to chat about the latest products. We love to visit with friends and customers.

Happy sewing,
From all of us at Quilts N Fabrics

Creating is my passion

I began quilting again almost six years ago. After the death of my sewing buddy, some 17 years previous. I had given all my sewing machines, fabric, and accessories away at that time. Claiming I would never sew again. Last year my daughter begged me to take a quilting class with her. I had no desire to quilt because I believed all the quilts were still being, tediously cut out with scissors, pinned together and sewn by hand. Then stretched on quilting frames, and hand quilted. Believe me, I have had my fare share of hand quilting. It is back breaking work to sit in a chair with a needle and thread and stitch each line that was hand drawn on top of a quilt. I truly admire those women who would lovingly sit and quilt for hours. After learning how much things had changed. I decided to take a class with her. Well the rest is history! Our little quilt shop has become the BEST little quilt shop in Utah! Come see for yourself. You will love it!
See you all soon!